January 2024

SEO Consulting For One of the America's Biggest Healthcare Marketing Companies

We delivered an SEO consultancy project for one of the USA's biggest healthcare marketing companies to help ensure that their website redesign project went smoothly.

SEO Consulting For One of the America's Biggest Healthcare Marketing Companies


Keyword Research, On-Site SEO, Strategy Consultation


Healthcare Marketing

Project Overview

The SEO project involved in-depth keyword research, content brief creation and SEO consultation to provide an effective SEO strategy for an ongoing website redesign project.

The BPD team were in the middle of a sizeable website redesign project and knew that now was the time for an SEO audit and a revitalised SEO strategy. They reached out to schedule the audit and to enquire about our SEO consultancy services.

The primary goals of the project were:

  • To identify any existing rankings and advise on how they could be retained throughout the redesign project
  • To analyse competitor websites and carry out keyword research to identify any new keyword targeting opportunities
  • To provide SEO strategy direction to the marketing and design stakeholders at BPD

Redesign projects are known to be notoriously risky within the SEO industry, so we were pleased to be asked to be involved in the project before any extensive design or development work had been undertaken.

Project Execution

After a virtual meeting with the Marketing Director of BPD to scope out the project in more detail, our team recommended a full SEO audit alongside some in-depth keyword research and content planning to provide content briefs and site architecture recommendations for the new website.

Our project involved:

  • An in-depth SEO audit to identify technical and on-site SEO issues and opportunities
  • Content strategy planning and a site architecture document with recommended URL structures
  • Content brief creation and feedback on key design elements

We scheduled another call to run through our audit, the content strategy plan and the content briefs that we created. We also provided additional details on how the new landing pages that we were recommended be created should be internally linked together.

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This project resulted in 779 new relevant commercial keywords being found which could be better targeted on the new website, and 79 new landing page recommendations to target them. Our local SEO company team also wrote content briefs to improve the key existing pages on the website and to improve targeting of the brands most important search terms.

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