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Our local SEO company will help you grow your local business with new organic traffic and revenue. We are already helping many local brands do exactly that.

Our local SEO services have already helped 20+ local businesses

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Our local SEO company delivers tangible results for all of our clients

We have already delivered local SEO campaigns for all kinds of businesses and industries. Read about some of the ways that we have helped local brands just like yours grow their business.

Our Process

We have perfected our local SEO process

We have perfected our local SEO process over the past 10 years. Work with a local SEO agency focused on delivering exactly the kinds of campaigns that your business needs.

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1. Planning

Our local SEO services are built on comprehensive campaign plans and driven by data. We identify the most relevant keywords for your goals and develop strategies to target them effectively.

2. Analysis

Next we carry out bespoke analysis of your website and each of your top competitors. We explore the technical and on-site SEO, as well as the off-site SEO, of every relevant website in your industry to inform your local SEO strategy.

3. Implementation

Showing you the most impactful SEO issues and opportunities is not enough, we also help you act on all of our insights and analysis. We work with you and your team to make actual improvements across your website and to drive results.

4. Reporting

Our work means nothing if it isn’t helping you grow your business and make more profit. We report on the metrics that you care the most about, and use first and third-party data to inform future strategies and drive even greater results.

About Us

A specialist local SEO company ready to help you and your business

We are a team of local SEO experts who know what it takes to get your local business ranking top of the organic search results.
Data is at the heart of everything that we do, and we don’t only report back on SEO metrics either. We focus all of our SEO campaigns on driving actual business results, like increased enquiries and revenue.
Find out more about our local SEO agency now, and enquire about how our local SEO services will help you grow your business today.


Read what our local SEO clients have to say

"Exceptional service, unmatched customer care, and lightning-fast results!"

Impressed me with their thoroughness and quick turnaround. The comprehensive audit report provided valuable insights, showcasing their expertise. A top choice for anyone seeking excellence in SEO services.

Briana Carozza
Marketing Director, BPD

“The Local SEO Company helped to get us ranking top for local commercial keywords that we needed to drive enquiries and grow our business”

The Local SEO Company delivered a number of SEO audits which had a profound impact on the SEO performance of our websites. We have since moved beyond our main brand, our Builders Today one, and operate a network of local lead-generation websites which the Local SEO Company has helped us rank top for a wide range of our most important keywords.

Adam McKay
Head of Marketing at Builders Today

“The Local SEO Company helped me increase my SEO traffic by 678% and get acquired”

The Local SEO Company helped me identify and address many SEO issues present on our website, this actually helped us sell our business for a higher price. After actioning just a few of the recommendations that the team provided, our rankings jumped  to position 1 for one of our priority keywords with 14,800 organic searches per month.

Jake Dennon
Founder at Sportarly

Our team uses the best tools to turn SEO data into unique insights that help us grow your business

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Find out how our local SEO agency has already helped brands just like yours grow their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Find answers.

Find answers below to the most common questions people have about hiring and working with a local SEO company.

What is a local SEO company?

A local SEO company is a company which provides SEO services to local businesses, with the aim of positioning their websites highly in the organic search results. A good local SEO company will carry out activity to improve all aspects of a businesses website.

How long does local SEO take to work?

Most people looking to hire a local SEO company will want to know when their website will be ranking top for their target keywords, however this is not so straightforward to answer.

The length of time that it takes to rank for a given keyword will be influenced by many different factors, and ultimately no local SEO agency controls Google so specific rankings can never be guaranteed.

However, a good local SEO company will be able to demonstrate a meaningful increase in your organic visibility over time, and show how this is benefitting your business.

How much does local SEO cost?

The total cost of your SEO campaign will depend on several factors, like how competitive the keywords that you are looking to target and rank for are and what activity will be required to do so effectively.

Generally speaking, local SEO services will start at £150/$150 per hour when being carried out by an experienced expert. A good local SEO company will cost at least £1,000/$1,000 per month, and could charge considerably more if you operate in a more competitive industry.

Remember, good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good.

How do you rank locally?

Ranking your website and/or business locally for relevant keywords requires a mix of on-site and off-site SEO activity to encourage the major search engines like Google to position your brand highly in the organic search results.

You will need to start by making sure that search engines can discover and explore your website efficiently, before ensuring that it is also effectively targeting relevant keywords and benefitting from enough website authority and trust.

Can I get free local SEO audit?

We would be more than happy to take a quick look at your website, your competitors, and your current SEO visibility before jumping on a call to discuss how we could help you improve your SEO and grow business.

Get in touch today and let us know what website you are interested in us working on, and we will schedule a convenient time to discuss how we could help you achieve your SEO goals and objectives.

What metrics do you report on?

We report on all of the standard SEO metrics like keyword rankings and organic traffic, but also work with you to track and measure how that SEO traffic is converting into real customers and revenue.

Our aim is always to demonstrate how our work is actually benefitting your bottom line, so we can work together over the long-term to drive ever-increasing growth.

Do I need an local SEO agency?

If you are a local business looking to reach more customers, odds are you will benefit from working with a local SEO agency like us.

Unless you are already ranking top for all of your most important keywords and are the dominant player in your industry and location, you should at least hear about some of the ways that local SEO could help you grow your business.

Do you work in all industries?

We specialise in local SEO. So, as long as your business is trying to reach new customers in your area (or in areas across the entire UK), we can help.

We have delivered successful local SEO campaigns in all kinds of different industries, from waste collection and finance to retail and property.

If you want to find out how we can help you grow within your industry, and hear about any relevant industry experience that our team might have, get in touch today.